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FREE MOTION is pure understate- ment. Hidden behind the sleek shapes is the innovative technology that makes the models real relaxation artists. They are able to help its owner escape from everyday stress and hectic daily life within minutes. For you to dive into, stretch out and unwind – either alone, with a friend or with the family: depending on your individual needs. Because at first glance, they conceal what lies beneath: 1. All seats can rotate, for the gaze out of the window in the morning and facing the fire or flatscreen in the evening. 2. They can be moved steplessly aside and provide distance or proximity: It’s up to you and the individual state of mind. Further- more they provide easy-to-reach storage space, right where you need it, for example for books, magazines, a laptop or a glass of wine. 3. Also the headrest respectively the backrest can be adjusted manually to fit all moods. 4. But the ultimate in convenience is finally offered by the integrated motor-driven seat adjustment (TV chair function). Backrest and foot piece can be adjusted steplessly and separately from each other.

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