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Thanks to its versatility, Nova model ensures an absolute comfort. Its backrests equipped with “upward” movement mechanism, the insertion on the armrest and the metal legs give Nova a glamorous and refined style. Available in leather and fabric or a combination of the two.

We have this sectional in a unique configuration, accompanied by an ottoman.

Sectional: $16,520.00 -30% = $11,564.00

Ottoman: $1,840.00 -30% = $1,288.00


With a clean, linear design, the Zara sofa is enriched with a contrasting or matching central insert. The Zara Deep version has a wider seat. Both models can be assembled together. The glossy black-lacquered legs give this model a touch of elegance. Available in leather and fabric.

We have this sofa available in 120" x 70" (10' x 5.8')

$9,726.00 -30% = $6,808.20


A clearly enchanting chair with an attractive and refined  design.  The use and combination of the best leathers  and fabrics cover this family of seats: the maximum expression of Made in Italy. Available in double tones with brown leather. (38"H x 25"D x 24"W)

$6,385.00 -20% = $5,108.00

Long Island

Long Island lounge chair perfectly combines comfort and contemporary design. It can be selected with a four-legged static metal base or a rotating metal swivel base with four spokes lacquered finishes. The body and seat are available in a variety of fabrics or leathers. (40"H x 35"D x 34"W)

$3,800.00 -40% = $2,280.00


A sofa in a traditional design that easily adapts to any setting. Its subtle detail gives the Bovisa model a unique and unmistakable identity. Available in leather
and fabric.

We have this sofa available with a length of 98" (8')

$5,200.00 -20% = $4,160.00


The Bontempi Casa Podium Table features a bold, industrial-inspired concrete base and the top in a choice of finish. This sinuously designed base is complemented with a barrel, elliptical or rectangular-shaped table top available in various Wood, Glass, Concrete or Super Marble Ceramic options.

We have it in stock with the elliptical concrete top (as seen in the picture below).

$7,692.00 -20% = $6,153.60


The Aura collection has been conceived mainly for sideboards and furniture for living rooms and dining rooms. Its design is inspired by the past and under the influence of the design culture of the Nordic countries, which know how to combine tradition and naturalness with large doses of modernity.

78"L x 19"W x 33"H

$4,019.00 -60% = $1,607.60

Okapi Table

This table with its elegant charismatic silhouette outlined with a crystallographic structure of shapes and lively,sharp edges transmitting elegant crystallographic dynamics. A table which recalls tradition with its double personality combining recent technological innovations with traditional craftsmanship: somewhere between retro charm and elegant expression.

We have in stock with a white base (94" x 47").

$4,995.00 -50% = $2,497.50


WOOD is two objects in one: a coat hanger and a console table; an object with a horizontal dimension - the painted wood shelf - and a vertical dimension - the coat hanger poles.

We have in stock in walnut and white

$1,855.00 – 10% = $1,669.50


Just like the sunset, the perfectly shaped circle formed by Sunset mirror moves right, creating a picturesquely unbalanced effect.

We have it in stock as shown in the picture below.

$2,545.00 -10% = $2,290.50


Modern recliner chair with balanced proportions and a compact neatness – everything just works. A “feeling good” chair that supports the user like a hug.

Available in Stock in Medium Size, Olive green color, Electric recliner with battery and two individual motors for the back and legs.

$7,700.00 -10% = $6,930.00


Botero is contemporary luxury, a design that finds the ideal solution for every living room in its best materials, a combination of shapes and details that make every room extremely elegant and refined.

In stock as shown in the picture below.

$4,240.00 -50% = $2,120.00


Slanted mirror frames that create a three-dimensional play of the reflected image.Mirror with tilted mirror effect frame. Made in square and rectangular version,which can also be mounted horizontally.

In stock 63” x 63”

$2,995.00 -10% = $2695.50


Basic law of geometry, intuitively adopted by bees is the basis for Mel; a visually suggestive piece which creates attractive vertical graphic patterns which can be in various finishes.

In stock, contact us for more info.

Set $1,797.00 -10% = $1,617.30

Individual Prices: $499.00  / $599.00 / $699.00


Cruz is a coffe-table, or a side-table, whose modernity melts with the natural warmth of its top. The metal tubes forming the structure cross over each other, and reach the wooden top.

We have in stock as shown in the picture below.

48”L x 16”W x 13”H

$1,345.00 –30% = $941.50


This table has a sculptural central base formed by an upper lacquered metal bracelet frame and a lower one that intertwine to create a very visually interesting design.

We have in stock as seen in the picture below.

$7,112.00 -20% = $5,689.60


Fluttua is the first suspended bed in the world that challenges the force of gravity,making the dream of sleeping while floating in the air a reality. A single central support, the height of which can be adjusted, supports the frame and the innovative HPL base, which is invisible to the eye.

We have in stock with two drawers of the same concept.

KingSize: $10,339.00 –20% = $8,271.20

Air Sofa

A modern and modular sofa. The legs in extra-clear tempered glass which is six times more resistant than normal glass.This create a floating effect, lending lightness to any room.

In stock: 83”L x 36”W x 32”H

$9,995.00 -20% = $7,996.00

Air Bookshelf

Wooden Air shelving changes the relationship between solid and void. The shelves, in lacquered wood or Wild wood oak, contrast with the total transparency of the glass supports, creating an extraordinary feeling of lightness. The shelving seems to float in the air,letting the light filter through to fill the room with light and render the space airy.

In stock as shown in the picture below:(106”H  x 86”L x 16”W)

$9,560.00 -20% = $7,648.00

Lago Wall Units Compositions

Thanks to the extreme flexibility of the square and its multiples and sub multiples, the 36e8 system can be used in the living room to fill the wall with unusual shapes, offering countless options for storage. A highly versatile living room wall unit: with its vast range of hues and finishes, 36e8 lets you create infinite compositions tailored to your spaces and your personality.

We have in stock two configurations as shown on the drawings below.

Set: $9,440.00 – 20% = $7,552.00


Huggy is an armchair bed perfect for welcoming unexpected guests.
A mattress wrapped into a cone shape and inserted into a small cylindrical base to form an armchair bed with soft armrests. Slipping off the base,the mattress automatically unrolls, becoming a comfortable emergency bed.You can also turn the base over to create a practical bedside table.

In stock as shown in the picture below.

$3,375.00 -20% = $2,700.00

36e8 sideboard

Using our 36e8 modular system, you can reinterpret a storage classic in a contemporary key, creating original sideboards, suspended in the air or resting on the floor by combining dimensions, shapes and finishes. Volumetric combinations of colors and materials, aligned or misaligned, suspended or resting on the floor, in the form you want. The variety of compositional and chromatic possibilities, and choice of drawers or drop-down doors, lets you create compositions tailored to your spaces.

Available as show in the picture below. 87”L x 32”W x  30”H

$6,800.00 – 20% = $5,440.00


Tall and thin, for a space that leans towards verticality; and low and wide, for a large, airy living room. Flute's figure reminds both that of an elegant glass,and that of a calm and relax lake: the marble base creates a solid support,that expands, widening through the metal structure - structure that quietly provides support for the inlayed top, made of fumé transparent glass.

In stock as seen in the picture below.

$2,150.00 -50% = $1,075.00


Original, Smart and Glamorous. The Shelley model is designed for modern environments.Featuring a wooden bookcase integrated into the armrest, it is perfect for those who love to read.

In stock with 3 recliner modules, in brown leather.

$13,325.00 – 15% = $11,326.25


Manzoni model is a massive and elegant sofa, surrounded by a delicate contour in gross grain and streamlined by a thin arm in leather or hide leather. The possibility to adjust backrest depth combined with its reclining version make Manzoni practical and comfortable.

We have in stock a configuration of 125”x 108”.

$19,370.00 -30% = $13,559.00


The Bontempi Casa Planet Coffee Table is a sleek contemporary coffee table with a large circular table top on a tubular tripod frame. Select from a variety of lacquered metal finishes for the frame, with matching or contrast color for the feet and table top edge. 

In stock: Diam. 31” - 10”H /  Tall coffee table 23”H

$2,495.00 – 20% = $1,996.00


The surface becomes a natural diffuser of the light projected downwards and is perfect for a mall living room, entrance or bedroom. The simple structure makes it an expressive and bright object

Available in red, contact us for more information.

$1,349.00 -20% = $1,079.20

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