Cliff Deco

Cliff Dèco enriches the already wide Cliff family and it is the result of a deep research for a collection, that wink at the indoor furniture. An elegant and modern sofa, characterized by its timeless design. It features sumptuously deep and inviting cushions, fine color palettes and hand-woven backs and armrests. Cliff Déco is synonymous of great versatility, thanks to the modularity of the structures makes it possible to arrange the elements in absolute freedom, generating infinite possible combinations.

The collection items in order as seen in the gallery: Cliff Dèco Modular Sofa, Cliff Dèco braiding sofa, Cliff Dèco Lounge armchair, Cliff Dèco Pouf, Cliff Dèco fabric Sofa, Cliff Dèco coffee Table and other pictures of the collection.

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