All about GREEN!


Thinking of using green in your interiors? Here are some benefits and uses of nature’s favorite color in your spaces.

We like to decorate with green, and every day more! If you follow us, you know that we like to take chromotherapy into account in decoration.

Well, according to this technique, green is an ideal color to decorate your spaces due to the many benefits you get from being close to it. We would never recommend a color in large quantities, but if you do like to put color on walls, this is undoubtedly ideal for it.

Green is the color of nature and those of us who love it need it by our side.

It is also the color of the heart’s chakra and is related to the loco-motor system, bones, joints,tendons and muscles.

According to chromotherapy, it brings us harmony, something very important if you want to create a space that stimulates your well-being.


It is soothing, purifying and we have it associated with hope.

It relaxes the nervous system, stabilizes emotions and reduces anxiety and normalizes the rhythm of sleep.

In these times of rush and stress, green is undoubtedly a color to consider.

These are some of its properties, but if you want to continue researching and reading more, I recommend the book "The color therapy" by Pauline Wills.

There is an immense variety of greens from the lightest, like "mint" to the most intense.


The complementary color of green is red and together they contain the entire chromatic scale. Although when decorating we prefer it with neutral tones such as gray and white.

It is very"sweet" with light pink.

We can decorate bedrooms with green color for its relaxing effect or kitchens because it is very refreshing.

Without a doubt green is an ideal color to mix with the wood element, it is a perfect combination,like nature.

And how do you get a long with green? How would you integrate it into your home?

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