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The use of yellow in interior decoration.

Yellow shows joy, it symbolizes the sun, the heat and energy that it provides to our planet. There are different shades of yellow, ranging from a light tone to a brighter sunny yellow and gold. Yellow is an attractive, stimulating and warm color. It symbolizes hope, energy,improvement, understanding and thoughtfulness; it also helps to reduce stress, tension and will make you feel more satisfied. Taking in consideration all these advantages of using yellow, is a perfect solution if you are looking for a pop of color for any room.

Here are some ways to use yellow in your interior decoration to brighten up your home decor:

1. Use the color yellow as a backdrop to add a touch of modernity to the decoration of the room. You can mix the light-yellow side of the white color spectrum to bring a pop of color to a room. Yellow is a perfect color to be used as an attractive background. It gives a subtle intensity to blues and greens, as well as a sublime look combined with red.

2. If you have a desolated space, you can be more creative and use yellow in your work area, wall decoration and storage furniture. This will bring inspiration,encouragement and also a high appeal to your creative space.

3.Create a stimulating sensation in the kitchen by using yellow. It can be used in a range from banana yellow to a more orange yellow tone.

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