Making working from home a pleasant experience!


Working from home? Here are some tips to turn your 'home-office' into a comfortable and productive space.

Our number one advice is to seek out natural light. Many studies agree that this type of lighting encourages joy and creativity.


Secondly if you are unable to place your desk in an area with a natural light source,use a desk lamp that provides a calming atmosphere. It also good for better concentration and focus.


Don't forget about plants. They oxygenate the environment, purify the air, bring life to the space and make you feel closer to nature.

Minimize accessories. Many decorations can be distracting and it will be more difficult for you to keep the area organized.


Adopt your style. Whatever your taste, glamorous, Scandinavian, minimalist or classic. Make your space a place that makes you feel comfortable. It will increase your productivity.


If working from home is part of your routine, invest in a good desk and a quality chair. After all, there is nothing better than the comfort of home.

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