New Arrivals! June 2020


Look at our new and daring pieces.

At Attiko Casa we are passionate about personalized design and bringing you the best products in aesthetic and function. Here are the new arrivals of June 2020. What does these pieces have in common? They are far from the typical linear or squared form. These designs are daring and conceptualized using the octagon, curves, asymmetry or color and material contrast.

We love when trends and excellent design are combined. If you identify your style in this selection do not doubt contacting us for more information.  

Panorama Sofa

The Panorama sofa is based on a specific item which can be considered to be the real unit of measurement of the system: the hexagonal pouf. Giving us the opportunity to achieve the most diverse range of configurations. Customization and creativity reach their utmost expression here, and the results that can be achieved are absolutely unprecedented.


The lines of a rocky monolith inspired the design of Janeiro table. The characteristic shape of the concrete block that is the base copies the well-known Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro. The base of the table in fact plays with two solid dome shapes in perfect equilibrium, with the table top seeming to balance magically on the summit. The candid textured finish of the concrete works perfectly with the soft lines of the base and the top, available in a circular, oval or rectangular shape.


Form and functionality merge in perfect harmony. The Canaletto is an impressive sofa, ideal for spacious settings. It is equipped with manually adjustable headrests or a reclining mechanism. Available in leather.


Kodi is a lovely and comfortable statement in any modern home. Its rounded silhouette is welcoming and provides an ergonomic support for hours. Thanks to its minimalistic style, it fits in well with the rest of modern furnishings in the room.  Manufactured in Italy with incredible attention to detail, Kodi is available in various upholstery options to choose from to create a truly custom look.

Panorama Coffee Table

The Panorama collection of coffee tables and padded products is based on a specific item which can be considered to be the real unit of measurement of the system: the hexagon which can be combined with additional elements to achieve the most diverse configurations. Customization and creativity reach their utmost expression here, and the results that can be achieved are absolutely unprecedented.

Arbor Coffee Table

The Arbor coffee table gathers influences both from the East and the West. The base, which is in metal, is a stylized corolla made up of petals silhouettes supporting the table top.

Crossroad Floor Lamp

Crossroad is a sculptural design, marked by an extreme feature that leaves a strongly dynamic mark in a setting. Its basic element is a matt lead-color painted metal cylinder which, at either extremity, encloses the light source inside a simple yet sophisticated amber-colored glass element.
The game played between the light and the glass, along with the crisscrossing arms in a multitude of directions, makes Crossroad, in both the suspension and the floor version, a lamp capable of distinguishing settings with a remarkable scenic impact.


The design of the Lock armchair stems from the aim of creating a seat capable of expressing a sense of protection and comfort. An armchair where the person takes center stage, which develops around the user through a padded strip that folds onto itself to form a backrest.
"I think the feeling of protection and safety is something we seek everywhere. It is what distinguishes a welcoming and familiar setting, such as one's home, making it different from any other place", comments Alessandro Busana. Legs or swivel base in painted metal, chrome, black nickel, copper or brass finish.


Two opposed elements embraced in a sinuous curve that create an illusory volume in a perfect balance game. As its name suggests, the Mellow table features soft and curvilinear shapes; the volumetric and enveloping base, made of two different elements and realized with rigid polyurethane moldings, is combined with a curvy top with an oval or circular shape. The Mellow table is available in many finishes and materials.


A 70's inspired graphics for this sideboard. The doors are distinguished by a pattern that makes the sideboard an almost artistic object that can be used to furnish and decorate both living rooms and bedrooms. To make the overall view appear lighter, Shade is lifted from the ground thanks to a metal base and its sides are elegantly beveled to make its edges less sharp.


A sinuous and enveloping design for Artika, a padded chair capable of holding and embracing a person. The distinguishing feature of this chair, which is clearly evident from the front, is its backrest that constitutes a single whole with the seat and opens out at the top, giving the observer the idea of expansion and breadth. Artika is available with two different bases in painted metal (with four legs or with a sled-shaped base) in multiple finishes, to guarantee the utmost versatility of use and a host of color combination possibilities.


A table that expresses the well-being derived from nature: the Greeny table, a name that pleasantly reveals its personality. The top is available in four types of marble (Calacatta, Carrara, Marquinia, Emperador), in glass or ceramic, in two shapes: oval or round. The base is made of solid wood and it is available in two different finishes: American walnut-wood or else grey or natural ash-wood.


The Ketch chair designed by Bartoli Design draws its inspiration from the world of sailing, both in its name – a Ketch is a type of sailing craft – and in its design, recalling the shape the sail takes when filled with wind: these shapes are at the same time curved, taut and seamless. The metal frame and comfortable padding are upholstered with leather, eco-leather or fabric covers, which are fully removable. Also available in the Miss Ketch (with armrests) and Ketch lounge (armchair) versions.


The Cuff bed expresses its strong personality in the tailoring details: from the frog fastenings that adorn the two flaps which cover the padded headboard, to the pleating that marks the vertical pattern of the back panel cover.


The shape of Wai's base recalls joined hands, a gesture used in Thailand and generally all over the East as a sign of welcome and to show respect; indeed, this gesture is called wai. Two collections of bedroom storage units for Bonaldo. The Wai and Gala lines include drawer chests, bedside tables and a highboy with metal base and wooden frame with recessed handles. Both lines are characterized by a simple and stylish appearance and differ in the shape of the base.


The bed features an enveloping design and a rounded headboard. The main structure of the headboard is made of shaped poplar plywood, covered in polyurethane. The bearing structure, on which the wooden staves rest, is made in poplar and beech wood. Two different type of sommier are available: sommier with bed storage box underneath or suspended sommier with Chromed metal legs finish or varnished Matt Snow White. The upholstery is available both in fabric or leather, with a removable cover if ordered in fabric.

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