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Kris Mix

An evergreen sofa, this new version is enhanced by a quilted structure and new, tubular feet.
A clear reinterpretation of the most refined Art Decò style that has always beautified the most stylish homes in the world.


Paired with sofas arranged into an island to favor conversation or standing by itself next to a coffee table for a comfortable read, Nathy is always an iconic presence on the domestic scene. Sheets of natural leather are stretched over the wooden frame of the armchair to define and contain the shape of the soft, wraparound seat and backrest cushions.

St. Germain

St. Germain consists in a coffee table in eucalyptus finish wood provided with containers in leather and smoked burnished glass plus an exclusive tray entirely in smoked burnished glass. Refined materials that give these objects a unique personality.


Dialogo is the name of a range of cabinets, sideboards and TV cabinets featuring a slim carcass supported by a metal frame that sets off its functional volume.

The collection is composed of 4 pieces in different sizes and heights. Its connection with the world of upholstered furniture is strongly conveyed by a “textile” finish achieved using original textured wood in a dove-gray shade. Popular Eucalyptus wood is also available instead.

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