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Harmonious total look with the new living and night proposals

After the launch of the #Bonaldokeepon digital program and the launch of the new website, Bonaldo continues its entrepreneurial path with the presentation of the new 2020 collection: products that give shape to ideas and projects in a single harmonious work for an overall vision made up of objects that speak the same language.

"The whole Bonaldo world is collected in the "duemilaventi "catalog: our values, production, innovation and creativity emerge in every single element and project we present", says Alberto Bonaldo, Managing Director of the company. "The biggest challenge we face this year stems from the impossibility of allowing all our customers to have a direct experience with the new products: for this reason, we have thought of a catalog that tells the collection with even more evocative images capable to transmit its true essence."

The core of the new collection: a design research combined with material experimentation, developed more and more materials and finishes became the founding element of the products. This year, a special hand-spatulated clay-finish, a suggestive silk finish for the ceramics, metallic colors as well as refined fabrics that enrich the possibilities of customizing the product, make their entry.

The choral contribution of several designers under the guidance of Bonaldo who has always collaborated with Italian and international professionals in a continuous comparison and exchange of ideas is decisive in the design process:the final result is a set of proposals for spaces sharing the same stylistic imprint.

Materials,attention to detail and harmony are the keywords that guide the new Bonaldo collection, declined in different B / Styles, settings that offer a very specific concept of living: the Bonaldo Total Look. Among the main spaces presented by the company:

-B / Style Hypnotic: natural inspiration and suggestive shapes for an environment with a concrete and refined style;

-B / Style Sculptural: multiple identities interact with each other in a language of shapes and materials;

-B / Style Expressive: classic design reinterpreted in a contemporary key in this environment with a changing personality;

-B / Style Unconventional: the sleeping area is dressed in creativity, with precious fabrics and unusual shapes;

-B / Style Absolute: creative freedom and well-defined shapes in this environment that brings together harmoniously matched elements;

-B / Style Distinctive: wood rules the space making it welcoming: materials and finishes evoke the natural world.

Within these, a wide range of products ranging from tables to upholstered furniture, from chairs to accessories up to the collection of lamps.

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