A modern take to a house that adapts to our needs: working and studying from home.

From the dialogue between the LAGO team and the people of the community, new ways of living in domestic spaces are created. The Home Office collection offers both complete environments to be used as home offices, and functional workstations created in the less used spaces of the home.

LAGO created a system of flexible and transformable products, allowing you to organize and adapt your home to the changing requirements of life and also to changes in the home.

Thanks to the LAGO design, the study becomes a comfortable office or room used for learning.

The glass and wood combination creates a light and welcoming environment, to encourage fruitful work and study.


Functional Spaces

The thickness of the top in Wild-wood allows for a drawer to be incorporated, hidden from view by the continuity of the centenary oak veining.

Elegant Finishes

The desk top can be customized thanks to the XGlass finish which, as well as providing longevity and beauty over time, guarantees easy cleaning and hygiene.


The iconic Weightless shelving, which drops spectacularly from the ceiling, is proposed to create original work and home study spaces, delimiting the surrounding environments with contrasting full and empty spaces.

Space-saving Ideas

A new way of interpreting furniture creates innovative and flexible solutions, which enhance less used spaces and corners of the home to create study and work areas.

Innovative and flexible solutions, which allow to optimize the domestic spaces.


Precious Inserts

The possibility of inserting an XGlass top into the desk is a solution that guarantees resistance to wear and ease of cleaning thanks to the physical properties of the glass.



THE MODULAR FURNITURE TRANSFORMS TO CREATE TAILORED SOLUTIONS. A simple play of joints allows the free-standing shelving and the worktop to be rotated, adapting the composition to every type and configuration of living space. A versatile solution that enhances the light and contemporary design of the Air system.

The hidden desk

The door of the container becomes a functional desk, with LED lighting system and electric sockets, which can be customized thanks to the innovative XGlass finishes.

Every resulting space can become a workspace, study or play area for adults and young people.

A corner furnished with the AIR shelving can be transformed into a space to be used for smart working or e-learning.


The 36e8 sideboard is reinterpreted to be used also as a desk.

A simple corridor becomes a practical corner for work and study.



The N.O.W. wardrobe hides a secret: a few movements and it reveals a niche perfect for smart working.

The top in Wild-wood of the 36e8 dresser, once opened, proves to be a functional work surface.

If you want to know more about this amazing collection that morphs any space into working and studying functionalities, contact us.

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