WALLPAPER: A new creative adventure


The new trend in decorative wallpapers so you can bring that special space to life.

Do you want to give a twist to your home decoration and don't know how to do it? The easiest and fastest way to achieve this is to renew your walls with decorative wallpaper. This element has the power to completely change the style of a room."Without a doubt, wallpaper is experiencing a boom in decoration. There is a tendency to cover the walls with nature motifs, such as large-leaved plants,which provide a fresh and renewed ambiance", as explained by Houzz,website dedicated to architecture and interior design.

How to choose one that suits you best?

At Houzz they recommend getting information beforehand about the types of materials, finishes, durability and application systems."The wallpaper should be chosen depending on the place where it is going to be placed at. For example, it is not the same to put it in the headboard of a bedroom, a circulation area, a child’s bedroom, the kitchen or the bathroom.In the latter Should you choose models resistant to friction, water and humidity.

Would you like your wall to be a work of art?

In recent years, a trend has emerged in the world of 'wallpapers': exclusive decorative wall murals made to measure, perfectly adapting to any space or environment.The creative designs, made by collaborative designers and artists, help to give definition to the aesthetics of a wall decoration. This with a precise and innovative philosophy: there is no longer a repetition of patterns and geometries, typical of traditional wallpaper, but rather macro-images with a strong impact visual.

This type of decorative murals are unique products, developed specifically for each project and, therefore, capable of offering personalized solutions for your special space.

In addition to being highly decorative murals, they are washable vinyl coverings with a high quality. These are some of the reasons that make this type of long-lasting covering a very attractive choice for all rooms in the home: living rooms,kitchens, corridors, rooms, stairs, bathrooms, hallways... And which also make it a wonderful solution for hotels, restaurants and commercial premises.

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