We present to you: Bonaldo


An insight of the modern Italian brand with eighty years of history.

Transforming ideas into designs and making items that can successfully interpret the requirements of the contemporary world, generating excitement at first sight. Bonaldo is an Italian brand that expresses modernity and develops experimentation of new materials. It has created success in its eighty years of history by supporting partnerships with the best designers, from Italy and all around the world.

In Puerto Rico, you can access this spectacular brand exclusively at Attiko Casa. Don’t doubt to contact us for more information. Here are just some of the amazing products by Bonaldo:

Panorama Sofa

The Panorama sofa is based on a specific item which can be considered to be the real unit of measurement of the system: the hexagonal pouf. Giving us the opportunity to achieve the most diverse range of configurations.

Panorama Coffee Table

Customization and creativity reach their utmost expression here, and the results that can be achieved are absolutely unprecedented. "I hope that Panorama will create connections: it was designed specifically to create collective spaces, islands of comfort, protective cocoons to lie back on freely.", explains the designer Fabrice Berrux.

Crossroad lamp

Crossroad is a sculptural design, marked by an extreme feature that leaves a strongly dynamic mark in a setting. Its basic element is a matt lead-color painted metal cylinder which, at either extremity, encloses the light source inside a simple yet sophisticated amber-colored glass element.


The design of the Lock armchair stems from the aim of creating a seat capable of expressing a sense of protection and comfort. An armchair where the person takes center stage, which develops around the user through a padded strip that folds onto itself to form a backrest.

Mellow Table

Two opposed elements embraced in a sinuous curve that create an illusory volume in a perfect balance game. As its name suggests, the Mellow table features soft and curvilinear shapes; the volumetric and enveloping base combined with a curvy top with an oval or circular shape.


A sinuous and enveloping design for Artika, a padded chair capable of holding and embracing a person. The distinguishing feature of this chair, which is clearly evident from the front, is its backrest that constitutes a single whole with the seat and opens out at the top, giving the observer the idea of expansion and breadth.


A 70's inspired graphics for this sideboard. The doors are distinguished by a pattern that makes the sideboard an almost artistic object that can be used to furnish and decorate both living rooms and bedrooms.


A table that expresses the well-being derived from nature: the Greeny table, a name that pleasantly reveals its personality.


The Ketch chair designed by Bartoli Design draws its inspiration from the world of sailing, both in its name – a Ketch is a type of sailing craft – and in its design, recalling the shape the sail takes when filled with wind: these shapes are at the same time curved, taut and seamless.


From its very name, Sofì pays homage to the age-old and prized hand glassblowing technique. Its primary shape, the borosilicate glass globe with a warm amber finish, is combined with a burnished brass cylinder which contains the light source and brings to mind the image of master glass-blowers who, in their Venetian workshops, use their long blowpipes to craft the incandescent molten glass with skill.


The lamp, with its transparent glass lampshade, is enhanced by the base and by a matt brass globe, and it stands out for the customizable rod, available in various colors, in table or floor versions.


The Arbor coffee table gathers influences both from the East and the West. The base, which is in metal, is a stylized corolla made up of petals silhouettes supporting the table top.


The Cuff bed expresses its strong personality in the tailoring details: from the frog fastenings that adorn the two flaps which cover the padded headboard, to the pleating that marks the vertical pattern of the back panel cover.


The shape of Wai's base recalls joined hands, a gesture used in Thailand and generally all over the East as a sign of welcome and to show respect; indeed, this gesture is called wai.

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