36e8 Sideboard

Using our 36e8 modular system, you can reinterpret a storage classic in a contemporary key, creating original sideboards, suspended in the air or resting on the floor by combining dimensions, shapes and finishes. Volumetric combinations of colours and materials, aligned or misaligned, suspended or resting on the floor, in the form you want. The variety of compositional and chromatic possibilities, and choice of drawers or drop-down doors, lets you create compositions tailored to your spaces.

36e8 sideboards lend fresh vitality to the room, enriching and optimising storage in the living room, dining room or entry, with clean, elegant lines. 36e8 sideboards are the perfect solution for adding storage and usable surface space to entries and access rooms, and can be paired with 36e8 television tables and 36e8 modular living room furniture, maintaining a harmonious, continuous language from one area to the next.

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