Archivio Storico

Thanks to the historical heritage of the Manifattura conserved by the company, the Bitossi Industrial Archive has been set up with a conspicuous collection of artifacts and documents. The first consists of the collection of ceramics produced from the mid-fifties up until today, while the second contains drawings, administrative documents, photographs, logbooks, production catalogues, publicity and work tools.
The Archive is managed by the Vittoriano Bitossi Foundation, established by the Bitossi family to protect ceramic know-how and the historical memory of ceramics manufacturing. The opening of the Bitossi Industrial Museum is scheduled to take place in the near future.
The "Fifties-Seventies Collection" presented by the company refers to the original items conserved in the Historical Archive and includes iconic models by Aldo Londi that still today emanate great creativity and modernity.
Every single piece of ceramics, made entirely by hand by master craftsmen, faithfully reproduces the original in both shape and color from the molding to the decorations and the application of the number and the historic brand "Manifattura Cav. G. Bitossi & Figli ".

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