Hero boasts radical geometric armrests and backrests that surround the seats. Interlocking forms that jostle and jut out make for a sophisticated sofa design with soft lines. Refined sartorial upholstery with dexterous quilting creates a sense of rhythm and movement across the interior surfaces. To finish, an elegant play on light-and-dark effects shakes up the design, for a dynamic look. Thanks to its modular mold, the Hero seating design can be used to create countless compositions with real character.

Artisanal-quality upholstery work creates a sense of rhythm and movement on the surfaces of the seat. Light-and-dark effects are used elegantly to shake up the sofa design, for a dynamic finish.

The Hero collection allows you to freely design a range of solutions: linear, corner sofas with chaise lounge, ideal for living rooms with character.

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