Lovy Bed

The Lovy bed has an unusual headboard that has a triple function: to enclose like an embrace, to level out to act as a handy support surface and to decorate the sleeping area in an original way. For this reason, it is perfect for those seeking a unique article of furniture. Available in numerous fabrics and colour variations, the cover is completely removable. The large headboard contrasts with the simple line of the bed frame and has different designs for the models in the series: it can be asymmetric, as in the Lovy Bed, Lovy Bed ego (in which it is embroidered with diamond patterns) and Lovy Bed plus (in which it is capitonné padded) versions or high, as in the Lovy Bed hi, Lovy Bed ego (in which it is high and embroidered) and Lovy Bed hi plus (in which it is high and capitonné padded) versions.

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