Vertical paneling creates a sense of rhythm with the N.O.W. sideboard and alters the status quo, moving away from the traditional perception of storage space. Hidden behind is a patented opening built to stand the test of time. You can create limitless chromatic moods, personalizing each and every panel of the glass unit – the perfect expression of everything N.O.W. (“Not Only White”) has stood for since the launch of the popular N.O.W. Wardrobe. Clear, bronzed-effect glass doors with accent lighting give the item stored behind them a warm glow and sense of importance, creating a playful aesthetic in which the furniture’s display and storage functions interact. Sideboards, wall units and storage units for every room in the house: choose the width, with measurements in increments of 20 cm, and the height (3 available), to meet your every furnishing need.

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