N.O.W Xglass

The N.O.W. wardrobe stands out as an architectural feature in the living space, and is extremely customizable. Each and every one of the XGlass materials can be used, opening up an infinite array of compositional solutions. Unique color and material pairings create an innovative design.

You can customize your N.O.W experience even more by selecting from different ways of opening the wardrobe. The innovative, patented technology used for the N.O.W. opening mechanism has been applied to melamine and lacquered doors, creating new tactile effects. The new N.O.W. wardrobe can feature a new sliding mechanism, and doors made using new materials including XGlass, melamine and lacquer. The clear-cut, distinctive vertical marking can be customized in one of the 30 available materials, thanks to XGlass. This camouflaged opening creates a sleek, structural piece that fits in perfectly with any interior design. The Key handle is both elegant and functional. It has been fitted into an insert which, thanks to a sophisticated technique, appears built in and coplanar to the door. Flapp is completely integrated into the glass door, the handle is barely noticeable. It serves a practical purpose and creates continuity with the door surface. The wardrobe takes on a unique, sculpted architectural dimension.

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