You and Me Island

The You and Me Island Bed, with its essential, stripped-down design, is an actual icon among the Ivano Redaelli collections. A unique, special bed concept with a touch of far-eastern flavor that gives life to a rigorous, sophisticatedly simple style. A charmingly amazing item, a bed so versatile it can function simply as… a bed, or as a sofa in a grand living area, in a loft or in a private movie theater. You and Me Island has been designed as a real relaxation island. A highly evocative bed, capable of creating characteristically suggestive ambiences. The freedom to choose how to arrange the double mattress, or the two single mattresses, upon its large base, allows the creation of a variety of different compositions. The bed is available in different fabric, hide and leather upholsteries. A perfect match for this stunning item, the original Elle small table is available in two different sizes with leather, metal or marble upholstery according to one’s own tastes.

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