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The new collection of LAGO: respect, sustainability, culture and design.

LAGO is a company driven by innovation. Respect, sustainability, culture and design are the ingredients of their vision and the drive force to creating some of our favorite designs.

Having that in mind LAGO present to us: XGlass. XGlass combines the strength and perfection of a noble and recyclable material like glass with the emotions of evocative materials, with a view to sustainability and respect for natural resources. The number of textures, looks and patterns that can be imprinted in the furniture is endless with this new technology.  

One example of this is the collaboration between Lago and Bonotto; an Italian textile manufacturer that collaborates with the best brands in the of world fashion. Bonotto dresses Lago products thanks to XGlass Home Couture, a capsule collection that brings together design and high fashion. With XGlass, the elegance of the fabrics designed by Bonotto comes to life on the glass and gives new emotions to the furnishings.

Here are some of the new products we have the pleasure to make accessible to you:


The Materia collection features clean-cut linear volumes defined by extremely resistant 4mm thick glass, which lends the surface perfection while enhancing it with emotion. Whether suspended or standing on elegant metal legs, its customization options are endless thanks to XGlass, which features the characteristics of natural materials such as marble, metal, wood or fabrics printed on the back of the glass, together with 32 different colorways in glossy and matte finishes. The collection includes sideboards, chests of drawers and TV units.


A single flow of material on just two supports: this is the main feature of the P&J table. The ultra thin top with its rounded corners links harmoniously with the wooden legs positioned at either end to create a single, harmonious,flowing line. The cabinetwork of the structure and two imperceptible glass legs placed under the center of the top guarantee stability and solidity, increasing resistance to knocks and impact.


The lines of a rocky monolith inspired the design of Janeiro table. The characteristic shape of the concrete block that is the base copies the well-known Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro. The base of the table in fact plays with two solid dome shapes in perfect equilibrium, with the table top seeming to balance magically on the summit. The candid textured finish of the concrete works perfectly with the soft lines of the base and the top, available in a circular, oval or rectangular shape.


The arch, that timeless architectural invention, is here overturned to provide the base supporting a very light top. This is U Table, its essential lines on a mission to put contemporaneity back into classic shapes. Available in two different shapes and three sizes, the top comes in Wildwood, Haywood or Agewoodoak, in lacquered glass or XGlass, while the base is in metal in a Titanium steel or Peltro steel finish.


A thin top made from heat-treated superior wood, supported by two X-shapes, makes up the MrX Table design. This new table perfectly combines Lago’s key ingredients. The top is available in oak Wildwood, Haywood, Agewood. The legs feature a distinctive X-shape design and are made from metal. They come in two different colors: titanium and pewter.


Sinuous and comfortable, Woop Chair offers a unique sensation of delicateness and softness. The folds of fabric lend it extreme generosity without weighing it down. The metal frame comes in a Peltro steel or Titanium steel finish, while the seat can be upholstered in leather, eco-friendly leather, velvet or fabric.


Sand Sofa has soft rounded shapes for a unique visual and structural sensation and total comfort. The different sizes of the bases combine with the various modules to create interesting compositions, and the backrests can be either fixed or self-standing. The metal supports come in a titanium or pewter finish,while seats and backs can be chosen from the LAGO colors.


The Air sofa’s greatest strength lies in its modularity: choose your own depth and back rest height, mixing fabrics and hues, to create a sofa tailored to your own comfort and your own personality. It offers a lightweight, modular construction, and features the all-new,elegant metal supports in a titanium or pewter finish.



The new Air Steel Free Bed features two central steel legs which leave the bed perimeter completely free of any supports or other obstacles. The result is the feeling that the bed is so light it floats. The sturdy legs provide stability and the bed does not need to be fitted to the wall. The new type of Free headboards allows you to match two different materials of your choice,including XGlass. The end result is truly multi-purpose and has real appeal.Lightweight thanks to the elegant steel legs in a titanium or pewter finish,the Air Steel bed can be used to create suspended solutions, without the need for any wall fixtures.

N.O.W Xglass

The N.O.W. wardrobe stands out as an architectural feature in the living space, and is extremely customizable. Each and every one of the XGlass materials can be used, opening up an infinite array of compositional solutions. Unique color and material pairings create an innovative design.

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