4 iconic LAGO products made of a special material exclusively for the Supersalone, thus creating a limited edition of 100 numbered copies. Get yours at Attiko Casa...

A combination of perfectly embellished marbles enhance the 4 iconic LAGO products presented at Supersalone.

For each product, 100 exclusive numbered copies were created. This special limited edition reveals some important news of the new collection of furniture thought for you to redesign your house spaces.

The innovative material designed for the Supersalone represents a synthesis of the creative ingenuity of the digital-savvy craftsman.

Eclectic, rigorously designed polygons are juxtaposed, creating evocative marble effects and an explosion of textures against a glass backdrop. The XGlass marble finishes Calacatta Black, Port Saint Laurent, Marquina and Sahara Noir marbles all merge to form a distinctive feature that is both singular and discontinuous, capable of creating an unprecedented, coordinated equilibrium.


This monolithic glass sideboard features vertical panels that create rhythm and conceal a patented opening mechanism that is both functional and durable. This innovative unit changes the traditional perception of a sideboard, accentuating LAGO’s signature sleek lines. An elegant clear-glass door with a bronzed effect gives the items stored behind it a warm glow, creating a playful dialogue between the furniture’s display and aesthetic functions.


The iconic Fluttua bed has been engulfed by a captivating new universe, thanks to a sensual headboard. It has an architectural imprint and features a special ruched fabric that creates infinite shimmering reflections. The extremely soft, rich texture is velvety and pleasant to the touch, while the fabric’s irregularity is accentuated by the light, multi-material bedside tables either side, without creating a discontinuous overall look. This authentic design is truly unique thanks to the magical floating bed and its ability to be both decorative and functional.


A striking alternation of see-through Fumé glass storage compartments, featuring a 45° join, with the imposing volumes of the unit marks the evolution of one of LAGO’s most emblematic products. This original piece of furniture reinterprets the revolutionary modular build of the 36e8 aesthetic code, adding infinite compositional representations and refined, contemporary forms.


Two sculptural elements meet at one single point, creating a magical state of balance in which all the parts come together to support one another. This table offers bold geometric forms, created in the balance between the solid base and light glass top. Four elegant marble textures take this piece beyond a mono-material dimension.

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