ALADIN SWING PLAIN is a single custom-made swing door with concealed frame, adjustable pivot hinges and aluminum panels frame in five different finishes. In the ALADIN SWING PLAIN MONO a glass is applied on one side of an aluminum frame, so as to have a face with a flush surface and another surface rebated from the perimeter aluminum frame. The glass can be monolithic tempered 6 mm in a single piece or tempered laminated 3 + 3 mm. In the ALADIN SWING PLAIN DUO two 4 mm thick tempered glasses are applied on both faces of an aluminum frame so as to form a volume with an internal air chamber. Stoneware panels are as well available for both versions and wooden ones only for Aladin Duo. It is possible to assemble different kind of locks and choose between handle and knob, which are provided in the same finishes as the frame. The pickled aluminum subframe, invisible when the door is closed, is available for both cement walls and plasterboard and can be varnished during the painting of the walls. Available also in the version with frame flush with the ceiling.

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