Let’s make mom’s space special!


If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day memorable gift, we got you.

Where could we be without our mothers? With Mother’s Day right around the corner we have some ideas of good gifts that can make mom’s predilect space, very special. Remember to take in consideration her style and taste. This way we ensure that the gift can have meaning and can take a spot as one of mom’s favorite.

Here are some of our favorite home accessories. Let’s make mom feel loved! Contact us for more information. (While the lock down is still in effect you can order remotely and pick it up at our store.)


Light the candles, open a bottle of wine, place the Winebreather Deluxe over the bottle neck, and flip it all upside down - the wine will run through the decanting unit and into the large-surfaced carafe for perfect aeration. Flip it all around once more to get the wine back in the original bottle, pour it, and taste the advantages of a wine with 10 times the oxygen.


Globe is a fascinating vase. Round and made of glass, it stands on a solid brass base. It’s perfect for flowers and decorative branches and it can be filled with small decorations, fruits, sweets or a candle inside the transparent, gently colored glass.


Arkitectura represents a fusion between industry and arts, where design is the gateway between the artistic sense of crafts and the demands of industrial production and of the contemporary market. The collection is made of stylized figures of fishes, birds, cats in black or white and some small white and platinum bird figures on a perspex stand. With this collection Londi explores a typical subject of the tradition, the animal world, as seen through a minimal and modern lens. Each of these subjects is capable of communicating its expressiveness and character, with a simple pure sign, with no need of unnecessary details.


The design of the Curva magazine holder has become an instant icon. The perfect combination between form and function is the secret to the success of this design and to celebrate that, we both provide it in cool stainless steel, inelegant brass and timeless black. The magazine holder won the 'Lifestyle award'in 2018.

Rimini Blu

A simple surface, consisting of minute, dense signs to create a frieze, a fantastic merry-go- round of abstract geometric symbols endlessly chasing one another. Enhanced by quick touches of color that the decorator fixes under the blue glaze and which, after being fired,magically reproduce the plays of light reflected in the sea.


Re-imagining the classic elegance of familiar glass vessels, the Échasse series transforms these decorative essentials into space-defining works of art. Their expression ethereal, their design elevated in every sense, the Échasse vase, Échasse bowl, and Échasse hurricane invite infinite experimentation. They can be displayed alone or together to enliven modern spaces with equal parts daring and grace.


Patrick Douenat, inspired by the famous creations of Carl Fabergé during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, presents his latest collection for Ladenac by Vila Hermanos, with a single fragrance called Boisse de Russie, converted into luxury candles. 13 original designs that travel back in time to a sophisticated and elegant Russia. We present our Ceramic Egg Collection.


A twist of wood and metal for an analogue clock in the name of simplicity and design. A needle in satin gold finish to give just a t touch of class.

Archivio Storico

In this collection Bitossi refers to the original items conserved in the Historical Archive and includes iconic models by Aldo Londi that still today emanate great creativity and modernity. Every single piece of ceramics, made entirely by hand by master craftsmen, faithfully reproduces the original in both shape and color from the molding to the decorations and the application of the number and the historic brand "Manifattura Cav. G. Bitossi & Figli ".

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